Parent company, Drawing Managers was established in 1994 where we had been drafting and managing drawings for a number of Companies. Over this time we encountered the same problems time and time again. Problems like drawings being mismanaged and out of date, where nobody was sure where drawings were or if they were at the latest revision.

That’s where theDMSeffect™ was born … it was developed in 2008 due to the frustrations our workers at Drawing Managers often came up against.

Since its development fourteen years ago, theDMSeffect™ has grown into a fully-fledged system to help with these and many other issues. The system offers functionality and tools for users to manage and contribute to a company’s information library.

Key points about theDMSeffect™

  • We offer this software as a Cloud Based version on our servers or as an on-site install
  • Cloud Based gives the advantage of being more easily accessible, even out of work hours should you get a late night call
  • The system allows for both the original source files and pdf versions to be managed concurrently so users can easily access all files in pdf  – no need for specialised software such as CAD, Excel or Word
  • It has been built with an easy to navigate home page, offering multiple ways of sorting drawings and documents into logical groupings
  • A comprehensive search to allow users to easily find their required drawing or document
  • The system also has a number of extra features, functions and tools to complete the loop on drawing and document management

Drawing & Document management doesn’t need to be a headache as Drawing Managers can help you every step of the way.


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