Managing Drawings Yourself Series 2/4; Windows Folder Structure

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Currently using Windows Folder Structure to manage drawings?


Using Windows to manage files relies heavily on permissions being setup correctly and users who can self-police. The challenges do not stop there though:


  • One of the first problems is to be able to find required drawings and documents later. Unless the drawings are really well sorted this is a big problem. Even if they are well sorted, the drawing number rarely gives any clue to what the drawing is of. There is no additional metadata to search on
  • This usually leads to some sort of a list – This list becomes large and can itself be difficult to find things in – especially if the numbers get into the thousands of drawings or documents. Managing the list and ensuring it is always up to date, matching the files being managed is a job in itself
  • Often staff will keep their own little stash of drawings close to them so that they know where to find them when they want them
  • Certainly there is very little that can be done to ensure drawings and documents are placed in the right location or are not duplicated.


Outside of the folder setup and access there are more systematic issues that reduce the use and trust of your stored drawings and documents.


Viewing and Printing the Drawing

Once found, most drawings are in an AutoCAD format. There are a number of viewers available for opening CAD drawings – however they are not always easy to print due to the colours and line thicknesses.


The person accessing the drawing needs to have the viewer on his/her computer and know how to work it.


Keeping Track of the Changes Made to Drawings

One of the main problems with keeping track of things is having multiple copies of

drawings and documents. Knowing what is the latest revision and who has it is a problem.


This is compounded by the fact that very few organisations directly employ someone to look after and mark up their drawings. This job is left to external contractors (such as us) and

sometimes there can be a number of them.


Without; an approval system, version control and protection of duplication than few will feel confident in using the documents and drawings stored.


Our system theDMSeffect solves all of these issues and more.


If you have any questions about our system or Drawing and Document Management in general, please feel free to contact us.

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Datapro/Gartner Group – “400 Number of hours per year the average employee spends searching for paper documents.”

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