Managing Drawings Yourself Series 3/4; Developing your own software

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Developing your own drawing management software as a solution?


This is often an approach which seems ideal. Your organisation will get a solution which meets your specific needs. Sadly, the endeavour rarely results in a finished product. There are many hurtles:


  • Developing software is usually a long process.
  • Finding an IT partner; You will need to find a development company. Someone with some prior knowledge of a similar system ideally. This will take time. The wrong partner will blow out costs and result in a clunky system. Changing partners part way through could well mean an entire project restart. Will you know how to judge what company is best suited to your needs?
  • Putting together a plan – how will the system work and what functionality is required? How many chefs are going to want a say in what the system will do? You need to allow a lot of time for this. You need to think each process through. How is the information stored in the database, how does the software make changes to the database and then, how does it present to the user. UI and UX are just as important.
  • Development time – the whole time you will need to be available for input to the end result. There will be a lot you have not thought of. If there were many chefs then testing and filling the missed sections of the concept/design can be painful. Take too long to find a resolution and developers are doing nothing while you pay them. Rush and do not consult all your chefs and the end product might not be fit for purpose.
  • Testing functionality – Fail to test thoroughly and the system will not work the way it needs to. Post the major development phase it can be hard to find development windows with your support company because you are no longer fully employing developers. A poorly functioning system well lose trust in its users quickly. If issues are not identified early and fixed quickly, you will end up with a costly dormant system.


This whole process is likely to take about 2 years if everything goes well. Cutting corners to reduce this timeline results in a reduction in areas mentioned above. You either end up with a system not fit for purpose or riddled with bugs.


  • During this time your drawing and document management problems have not been addressed and are still growing.
  • The cost of developing software is usually quite hefty.
  • Then you still have the project of populating the system left.
  • From there who will maintain the system? Windows and the internet is forever changing. Your software will need consistent updates to keep up. Then every 6-8 years it will likely need an entire rewrite to work with new systems.
  • Who is the long-term software manager? You will need more than one person on site. If they leave it will be rather hard to pick things up again.
  • You will also need to maintain physical servers, back-ups and the ever changing windows environment.

Going your own way and developing software sounds ideal. Though in reality it often ends in software not used, a large bill to pay, and with no one to support it. Through no fault of their own, the original personnel set with the task to develop software, are often setup to fail. Leaving egg on their face without serious support by management and a healthy timeline expectation.


Our system theDMSeffect solves all of these issues and more.


If you have any questions about our system or Drawing and Document Management in general, please feel free to contact us.

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IDC report, August, 2001 – “An enterprise employing 1,000 knowledge workers wastes $48,000 per week, or nearly $2.5M per year, due to an inability to locate and retrieve information.”

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