Our Process

We don’t just sell access to our system …

We work with you to understand the health of your drawings. Are they well organised? Is there much duplication? Is the revisioning done well? We review your drawings and standards to put together a plan of attack. We then do the heavy lifting to get a populated usable system for your organisation to use over the long-term.


Getting to Know You

We get to know your unique situation. Finding out how your organisation operates and how your drawing management has been handled to date. From there we work with you to make a plan on what is going to work best for your organisation.

Standards and Guidelines

Getting to know your organisation may identify the need to create drafting standards, drawing numbering standards, Drawing Management System (DMS) Metadata standards, DMS Guidelines, etc. These can be the base of the plan for your DMS population project.

We have done this many times and can provide a lot of direction on best practice. We then populate the documentation using your templates if required.

Documentation will be utilised to populate the system and to keep the system healthy over the long-term.

Data-set Review

While working on Standards and Guidelines we review your drawings. Identifying issues and putting a plan together on how best to ensure your drawings are easily searchable and that the data-set is clean. Finalising a plan to populate your system.

Data-set Clean-up

We then clean up your drawings if required. Removing non drawings. Removing clutter. Removing drawing duplicates. Getting the drawings in order via revision order. Splitting out CADs that hold multiple drawings so drawings can be managed individually. Same also for PDFs … then begin the population process.

System Setup & Population

Your business is not a Drawing or Document Management Business so we can do all the hard work for you … populating the system based on your preferences.

We make sure your drawings and documents are easy to search for and find by all personnel required.

Finalising the guidelines and standards for future use.

Training and Ongoing Support

We’ll then train your staff on your new system and how it was uniquely populated. From there we can continue to upload drawings and do mark-ups as required. Keeping your drawings healthy for the long-term.

Supporting you through every step of drawing management.

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