There are two main costs associated with our process.

  1. Finding, sorting out and cataloguing your drawings – a one off cost. This can vary greatly depending on the condition of your drawings and how well (or badly) they are already sorted.
  2. The cost of theDMSeffect™, is a monthly subscription based primarily on the drawing count being managed. The subscription can also be affected by:
    • Where the system is installed. On our system or yours?
    • What back-ups suit your requirements?
    • How many organisations within your business will be using the system?

We will meet and discuss your options and calculate a price for you. During this discussion we will transparently outlay all costs and implications to you. We pride ourselves on being transparent.

We can combine or separate these costs in a number of ways. The initial sorting can be completed, and the cost spread out over 12 months or you could choose to sort out your drawings in stages.

We will work with you to find a solution that meets your organisation’s needs.


Weighing Up the Cost

Are you weighing up the cost and benefits of using a drawing/document management system?

Try not to look at this exercise as an expense. Instead, see it as an investment. The initial implementation cost should be exceeded by long term efficiency gains. If correctly implemented, the benefits will be invisible to you because those annoying ongoing issues will fade away.

  • Poor drawing quality will slowly improve
  • Access related incidents will not happen

This is the saving using our system gives you. Your implementation requirements will differ from others; therefore, your solution will differ from others. This will change the cost. You will need to contact us to discuss your issues for us to evaluate a suitable solution.

Find, sort out and catalogue your drawings (and other documentation). Develop a plan for adding them to theDMSeffect™ considering Site, Categories/Sub Categories, Filter requirements and User Permissions etc.

Implementation and Training.

Ongoing drawing mark-ups and other incidental services as required.

TheDMSeffect™ Subscription Covers

  • Unlimited Users
  • No limit on uploads and downloads – as many as you need to run your business
  • Phone for support from our Australian Company
  • Our system has no hidden costs – there is one subscription fee for which you get full access
  • We fully maintain the system, ensuring the system always meets the ever-changing Windows and Internet environment

There is no special software to access your drawings!
Some competitors require specialised client software to be installed on each PC to access your Document Management System. A web browser (with no addons) is all that is required.

Plus theDMSeffect™ is constantly evolving as we develop new features and functions. These updates are rolled out throughout the year free of charge.

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