April 2023 DMS Software Updates

October 2022 DMS Software Update

Version 3.01.42.xx (April 2023)

Improvements to the DMS

  • Improved the layout and format of emails sent to new users and password resets.
  • The system no longer turns filters back on automatically upon uploading a document or importing metadata.
  • You can now delete documents from the Main Dashboards Cart table.
  • You can now delete a specific revision from the Main dashboard when the “show all revisions” toggle is on. The button “Delete Selected Revisions” will only delete the revisions selected, not the whole document.
  • In all fields that require a Site/Account input, a value will be filled depending on the last or only site used in the Dashboards and summary table filters.

Import & Export Metadata

  • Import Metadata now removes commas, apostrophes, and quote characters from filters and descriptions. Other illegal characters will be displayed in the report with the count of documents updated, created, or ignored and all error messages will appear on screen.
  • AD users are now ignored when importing contacts. Previously the system would attempt to update the existing user/contact records.
  • Added more options to export metadata on the Main dashboard footer if “show all revisions” is toggled on or off.
  • Removed row limit to allow the Importing of metadata exceeding 32000~ rows . Previously it would give an error and not allow the import.
  • Importing document metadata will now produce notifications for files that do not match the database records.
  • Import results from the previous import are now removed when the reset button has been clicked.

User Login

  • For users attempting to login with their email instead of username. The system will now validate the username and display an error message if there is an @ symbol present.
  • The failed password attempts is now more transparent and the 5 min time out now presents on screen.
  • The system will now allow users to reattempt a login after they have been timed out and requested a new password with “Forgot Password”.

remember me tick box

i @ symbo identified in username and user promtped

Error Page

  • An error page has been created to redirect users that have experienced any network issues, or bad requests.
  • The error page will display the error that has occurred, contact details and further instructions to get back to the system by reloading or logging in again.

Bugs Fixed

  • Reassigned approvers/checkers were not receiving daily or weekly notifications that actions were needed for checking/approving a document. Now corrected.

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i 4-Stage Project Timeline Plan

4-Stage Development Project Commenced

Each rollout will likely be smaller and more constant for the next 6-8 months.

This is because we are preparing major builds that will happen concurrently with the small rollouts.

The major builds will be broken up over 4 stages.


  • Stage 1 – Update all frameworks. This will make the system faster and smoother in all areas.

  • Stage 2 – Job System Enhancement.

The end result will be a more detailed job tracking system. With more transparency about if jobs have been approved,acknowledged, etc.

          • Due dates
          • Order the job to be covered by.
          • Attachments within jobs.
          • And much more.
  • Stage 3 – Document Dashboard Redesign

As this progresses you will be shown the changes to come.
You will be included in the discussion.

          • The current Document Dashboard does not work well on 125% view which many uses use.
          • It also does not utilise new technology and tools available.
          • Same too for Space. Space can be better utilised.
  • Stage 4 – Thumbnail view

There will be another view of the dashboard to display a gallery of images of each of the drawings in the table.
It will mean you can scroll images based on your search and visibly see each drawing/document it is you need.

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