August 2022 Software Updates to the DMS

Software Update
  • Major security and performance upgrade to Net Core 6.0 framework (formerly 2.2) and latest library packages
  • Document Detail Properties tab now aligns with Site and 3rd Party Systems settings
  • Import Metadata for documents now creates cleaner change history logs on documents
  • Fixed incorrect Category options in some dashboard scenarios and Create Job action
  • Fixed Close button on Accounts 3rd Party Systems tab
  • Check Files utility added to administrator menu
Awaiting Check and Deleted

i. Awaiting Check and Rejected shown together

Net Core 6.0 framework (formerly 2.2)

This major change means the system is smoother in every way. Performance has enhanced already but more will follow with future changes. Being on the latest framework means the new features coming have the full potential of Net Core.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed bug causing persistent blank row in Books dashboard when adding a new book
  • Fixed bug in Rename Document allowing nothing in the rename field
  • Fixed bug in Send button on Contact Page not sending emails
  • Fixed bug in 3rd Party System creation

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