January 2023 DMS Software Updates

October 2022 DMS Software Update

Version 3.01.40.xx (January 2023)

Improvements to the DMS

  • The delete function no longer does individual pop-ups for each delete when doing mass deletions. A CSV file is now created when deleting documents and supplied to the user.
  • The system now allows periods as a document number component. So a document (drawing) number such as “PP401.E.1654” will now be accepted.
  • Updated details on the contact page.
  • Contact support email now gives more information about the user and sends a copy of the email to the user sending it.
  • Corrected some messy grammar in places.
  • Removed link to previous version changes from login page. Version 2 of the system was some time back now. Onward and upwards!
  • Some UI changes to Site Filters page.
  • Added loading symbol when attempting to select a large number of documents on the document dashboard.

remember me tick box

i Remember me tick below password

 Security Improvements

  • Users will now need to log in every 24 hours.
  • Error notifications will no longer appear when session has expired. Users will be sent straight to the login screen.
  • Added security between systems using access tokens and database authentication.

3rd Party API Systm

  • Fixed some issues with 3rd party API Import – The new system to allow 3rd Party Applications to access files in the DMS. Such as Pulse and SAP.
  • 3rd party system accounts access to the system firmed up.
  • Some UI changes to 3rd party systems.
    • Hyperlink colours.
    • Confirmation pop-up function corrected.
    • Table refresh corrections.
    • Input validation.

Bugs Fixed

  • Remember Me checkbox function corrected to save username field on login.
  • Fixed an issue with documents found count when adding documents to the cart.
  • Issue fixed where document number was being trimmed if it included “_Rev” in the name.
  • Problem addressed where the document dashboard was displaying wrong document count when show all revisions was toggled on.

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