July 2022 Software Updates to the DMS

July 2022 Software Updates

Version 3.01.36.xx (July 2022)

  • Deleted Document table now sorted by date, removed blank rows and fixed missing comments.
Deleted Documents Table

i Deleted Documents Table

  • Added tooltip popovers on rejected revisions on the approval/check summary which display rejection comments.
Approval Summary Table

ii Approval Summary Table

  • Changes to Rollback/Delete button:
    • Can now rollback/delete a document on the approval/check summary if it has only one revision
    • Added a popover tooltip when hovering over the rollback/delete button.
    • Will now only display for users with delete document permissions
  • Document dashboard now refreshes after using change sites or categories for a document.
  • Login section of log in page will now sit at the top of the page when zoomed over 150% or window at half width.
  • Users can now find a table of all their site roles in their “Our Profile” page
  • Under change information on document dashboard now displays for the newest revision that is up for approval.
  • Account history will now show site creation, deletion and recovery information.
Account History Table

iii Account History Table

  • Upload documents site selection will now auto fill the site you were last on in the document dashboard.
  • Creating Job on document dashboard now refreshes under change comment.
  • Group metadata Edit table changes:
    • Now sorted by document number ascending
    • Properties section now takes up less space
    • Table is now fixed height and fixed header
    • Added same colour coding as document dashboard for better visibility
    • Write over switch option less confusing and more compact
    • Can move left and right in table by shift + scrolling
Group Metadata Edit Table

iv Group Metadata Edit Table

New feature: Third Party System API

  • Integration for PDF document and book retrieval via HTTP request
  • Can now add third party systems in account details > third party systems tab
  • API functionality to work systems such as Pulse and Citech
  • Third party system csv import and export
  • External links added to properties tab of document details and distribution dashboard page
  • Options added in account detail to enable/disable PDF external links

Bugs Fixed

  • Bulk metadata Editor no longer showing wrong order. Now sorting by document number ascending
  • Removed duplicate entries on deleted utility and fixed sort order to date/time newest to oldest
  • Deleting current revision when only overwritten revision exists will no longer delete the document and cause more issues when trying to upload again
  • Save and close buttons no longer disappear when navigating tabs on site details page
  • Uploading revision going straight to superseded
    • Removed bugged data associated with reserved documents from V2 of the DMS
    • Database checks were made to find potential problems and fix already existing issues relating to this bug

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