June 2023 DMS Software Updates

October 2022 DMS Software Update

Version 3.01.43.xx (June 2023)

Improvements to the DMS

  • Managers can now edit a user’s site permissions from the user’s profile page.
  • Document number components no longer appear if the Account or Site that they have been created for have been disabled.
  • CSV is now created after Document Number Generated and Locked PDFs has been checked.
  • Batch file rename display results and changes to button layout.
  • Disabled sites now displayed but marked disabled in Account Sites table for users that do not have permission to access.
  • Documents metadata csv can now be generated and sent via email as a scheduled job.
  • Layout changes to the Under Change Report to allow space for comments.
  • CSV now generated when changing document sites.
  • Size limit now editable for .zip folders sent via cart email.
  • Edited wording for Site user permissions tooltips. 


Upload Documents

  • Upload document table no longer displays problem document count for overriding revisions and will not display when checking the “show all documents with problems” checkbox.
  • Documents with issues because of site duplication check now adds to problem document count and appears when filtering for problem documents.
  • Added validation for excessive filter length in upload document page.
  • Added a check on upload to automatically fix filenames where _Rev_ naming convention is not quite right.
  • Added more detail in CSV after upload.
  • Added more logging and error handling on upload drag and drop. The page will now refresh when a user’s session has expired.



  • Utilities removed.
    • Rebuild categories removed as it has become outdated and unused.
    • Rename single document utility has been removed as it is more convenient to be used from the Document Dashboard.
  • Check files utility now represents results in a table.
  • Revision rollback can now be used on the document dashboard page. You will find the option in the more actions list select footer.


remember me tick box

i Rollback revision function

Bugs Fixed

  • Page now reloads when deleting or restoring Account/Site to update filters on document dashboard.
  • Users with manager/manager plus roles could not be demoted or removed access without error.
  • Attachments and Revisions for approval were not moving to the correct DELETED folder after rollback or deleted.
  • Filters for the Site Users table would persist between Site pages. Filter values are now saved per table.
  • The document number generator approver list was empty from changes made in previous sprint.
  • Added error handling for email notifications.
  • Reassign user lists were empty when loading data for current site.
  • Fixed issue with smart filters not giving option for “Blank Values” and not updating when changing sites on the document dashboard.
  • Added closable ‘x’ icons on Filter drawers (for Mobile/Tablet screen sizes) to fix issue with mobile users not able to close the filter pop out.

4-Stage Development Project Commenced

Each rollout will likely be smaller and more constant for the next 4-8 months.

This is because we are preparing a major build that will happen concurrently with the small rollouts.

The major build will be broken up over 4 stages.


  • Stage 1 (Complete) – Update all frameworks. This will make the system faster and smoother in all areas.
  • Stage 2 (Complete) – Job System Enhancement.

The end result will be a more detailed job tracking system. With more transparency about if jobs have been approved,acknowledged, etc.

          • Due dates
          • Order the job to be covered by.
          • Attachments within jobs.
          • And much more.
  • Stage 3 (Now) – System Redesign.

Draft redesign has been completed and sent out to users for comment.

Now work is beginning on responsive design (Mobile and Tablet) and code base changes for the new design.

          • The current Document Dashboard does not work well on 125% view which many uses use.
          • It also does not utilise new technology and tools available.
          • Same too for Space. Space can be better utilised.
          • Thumbnail view to assist users in quickly seeing many drawing previews.
  • Stage 4 (September to November) – Testing and Rollouts.

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