November 2022 DMS Software Updates

October 2022 DMS Software Update

Version 3.01.39.xx (November 2022)

Introduction of Smart Tag Filters

  • Many of our clients assign an ID number for tracking plant (Tag, Equipment ID, Unit ID, or FLOC, etc.)
  • Where a single drawing is relevant for multiple items of plant, we often see lists of IDs entered into the relevant filter, making it hard to quickly isolate the drawings for just one plant item.
  • Smart Tag Filters solve this problem by setting an indicator to say that this filter comprises a list of ID tags, so that you can immediately search for a single ID and eliminate false positives.
  • As we roll this change out, if you have a Unit ID filter, we will set it as a tag filter, then convert the strings into lists of IDs separated by a pipe symbol ‘|’.
  • For instance, an existing filter value “1001 1002 9906” might become “1001|1002|9906”. On the dashboard, the dropdown options will now show the individual entries of 1001, 1002, 9906, instead of the combined string.
Deleted Documents Table

i A Tag Filter entry showing the use of the pipe symbol “|”

Approval Summary Table

ii Tag Filter shown as individual entries instead of strings of text

SAML Implementation

New SAML option added for single sign on clients (beta).

SAML is an acronym used to describe the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). Its primary role in online security is that it enables you to access multiple web applications using one set of login credentials.

Should your organisation use SAML then you might be able to benefit from this improvement. Signing into your Microsoft 365 once a day meaning you can access the DMS with the click of a single button.

System Improvements

  • Improvements to Approval summary load time.
  • All Reports made faster.
  • Improvements to Check Files utility.
  • Check Summary now displays revisions as separate rows and override warnings.
  • Removed spell checking for the log in text boxes.

 Security Improvements

  • Improving access tokens for added security. 
  • Added security for site cookies.
  • Added Content Security Policy Headers.
  • More to be done in version 3.01.40.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixes to Check Files utility.
  • Fixed various Check Summary permissions issues.
  • Fixed misleading error notifications displaying when session has expired.
  • Fixed import contact metadata logging details when no changes were made.
  • Fixed an issue with file names when downloading to .zip.
  • Fixed bug that could cause Downloaded Documents report to fail.
  • Fixed bug with AD sync hangfire job not updating database.

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