October 2022 DMS Software Updates

October 2022 DMS Software Update

Version 3.01.38.xx (October 2022)

Changes to Overriding Uploads and Approvals

  • Overriding a revision historically would force the uploader to be the approver and would instantly approve the document/drawing upon upload. It meant contributors could get documents on the system without managerial review. Overriding a revision is no longer forced through the approval process. You will need to select a user with permissions of contributor plus or above
  • Historically when overriding a revision, both revisions were kept on the system and accessible. This caused confusion in the revision history and was not ideal in the file structure. Overriding a revision is typically done to remove a mistake. So having the overridden file typically did not benefit our users. As such, existing revisions being overridden will only remain on the system until the new overriding revision has been approved. The pre-existing file will essentially be deleted and will no longer be viewable/downloadable
  • Added extra warnings in the upload table on the Upload Documents page to display overriding revisions. Including for multiple overriding revision uploads
Deleted Documents Table

i Upload Documents page showing row highlights

  • Added extra warnings on the Approval Summary table to better display when you are overriding revisions. Including for multiple overriding revisions
Approval Summary Table

ii Approval Summary page showing row highlights

        • On the Upload Documents page there is now an “Uploads explained section”, outlining important information about uploads. Helping to prompt users of their minimum requirements to do uploads
        • A new role has been created called Contributor Plus. The role has the same permissions as a Contributor but they can select themselves as an approver in the upload document process. This is to solve the removal of the ability to self approve overrides. It is unlikely this role will be used often but perhaps Planners in organisations would find this role useful. A person who does lots of uploads weekly that do not need review
        • A new column on the Approval Summary displays the status of the revision once it has been approved. This informs the approver if a document will become Current (will become the highest approved revision) or Superseded (will be approved but placed below the highest approved revision and as such not the revision seen on the Document Dashboard via default)

Ramped up checking

 A Check Files Utility has been created for Admin use

The utility will check for broken links between the document database and physical files

  • Checking PDF documents, Original Documents, Attachments and Deleted files
  • Checking for rogue files with no link to the system
  • The utility runs daily and lets staff know of any issues
  • Weekly it runs letting staff know of successful tests and failed tests
  • Ensuring every document is accessible daily

 Minor Improvements

  • Attachment paperclip icon to display on the document dashboard which documents have attachments
  • Added more security measures for our hosted systems
  • Number Generator and Component options now sort alphabetically, within Sort Order
  • Improved date range checks to improve Report speed
  • Dashboard status filters made clearer: Current, Draft, Current and Retired, Marked for Change, Reserved, Retired

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug with Document Number Component import causing an error
  • Fixed various bugs with reserved documents
    • Reserved documents became current when approved by another user
    • Placeholder image was not being deleted
  • Fixed various upload bugs causing errors and missing files
    • Uploading with overrides causing file naming errors

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