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theDMSeffect software is supported and managed by Drawing Managers. Drawing Managers along with offering software services, offers electrical drafting services.

Collaboration with Electrical Engineers

At Drawing Managers, we offer flexibility in working with your existing electrical engineers or can recommend an engineer with whom we have established a successful working relationship. We understand the importance of collaboration, and we can seamlessly integrate into your project team, ensuring that all phases, from design to as-built, are executed smoothly.

Our Portfolio of Success

Our journey has been marked by numerous successful projects, and we’ve been trusted by clients for delivering exceptional results. Some of our significant projects include:

  • Design and Drafting for Train Refuelling Systems: We provided design and drafting services for the train refuelling systems at four Glencore operated coal mines, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of these crucial facilities.
  • PLC Changeover for Rix’s Creek North: We played a pivotal role in the design and drafting of PLC changeover systems for Rix’s Creek North, contributing to the smooth functioning of this essential infrastructure.
  • Rix’s Creek North Fine’s Plant Extension: Our team was involved in the design and drafting of the Rix’s Creek North Fine’s plant extension, helping to increase its capacity and productivity.
  • Glencore Ravensworth CHPP Resurrection: We provided support in the resurrection of the Glencore Ravensworth Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP), ensuring its operational readiness.
  • Mount Owen Module 3 and Raw Coal North Expansion: We contributed to the design and drafting of Mount Owen Module 3 and Raw Coal North expansion projects, enhancing their electrical systems.

Drawing Management System

Keeping your Project Electrical Drawings organized is critical for efficient project management. At Drawing Managers, we offer a comprehensive drawing management system to ensure that your project documentation is always up to date and easily accessible. This service helps in maintaining accuracy, consistency, and compliance throughout the project’s lifecycle.


Drawing Managers is your trusted partner for Drawing Creation Services and electrical system design. With our extensive experience, commitment to standards, and a successful track record, we stand ready to support you in realizing your electrical project goals. Whether you’re working in the Hunter Valley or anywhere in Australia, we have the expertise and resources to make your project a success. Contact us today, and let’s work together to bring your electrical projects to life through collaborative engineering and design excellence.

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