Why We’re Different

We have a Dynamic Approach

We’re dynamic because we can make changes to our system to meet your unique needs. Our system is built in a way that it fits the majority of client needs, though, should you have a specific requirement that others cannot meet, then talk to us.

We work closely with our clients on their needs always and also tailor our support to meet thier needs.

We are a Full Drawing Management Service Provider

We help you set a standard for how your Drawing Management should be handled by discussing your individual needs and providing recommendations.

We can:

  • Create Drawing Management Standards
  • Create Drafting Standards
  • Create Drawing Numbering Standards
  • Create System use guidelines specific to you

Plus much more.

We review your drawings and documents and give an outline of what we will do to clean up your data set.

We then do the cleanup and upload project as per your standards.

Upon completion we’ll have a closeout meeting with you. Closing out any Standards and Guidelines.

Then the training for your staff begins and we are on hand to provide ongoing support.

We are a Cost Leader

Our pricing for our drawing management software and services is market leading. Compare our prices against our competitors to find out for yourself.

Our prices are this way due to how long we have been doing drawing and document management. We have spent 20 years finetuning our systems and approach. We script any changes we can and mine data accurately at prices hard to beat.

We are transparent with our costs and give breakdowns on the cost benefits with our pricing.

Active Listening

We pride ourselves on taking customer feedback. Two-way communication consistently leads to new features and improvements throughout our drawing management system and services.

Over the years, hearing and seeing different use cases by clients has led to many amazing improvements to our system. If a client talks, we listen.

Just as important to hearing about potential improvements, is hearing about areas which need were a little confusing. Our aim is to make our system user friendly to the point that it can be used without questions. It is not easy, but aim high, land high.


We know what it is like to be passed from one contact to another when getting support. Starting to explain an issue again and problems getting lost in translation. Projects getting picked up from by someone without the history. It costs you time and money.

Your issues are not put in a pool and addressed by who ever gets to your issue on the list. You will get your own support manager. Meaning you get a deeper connection where the contact knows your unique issues and history. Just as importantly it means prompt replies.

You get our direct lines and emails. Contact us when you need us.


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